Marvelou$ Mon$ters$

your nickles and dimes pray at Safeway
when shit gets real you walk away
you quote words of fat white men
book of revelations is only a sin
against women and children.

god decrees…what?
plants and animals make room for your fat butt?
air conditioned office, swimming pool
life of grid lock traffic, sub par school
sociopath or well-meant fool

once you upon a time you dreamed
once upon a time you schemed
upon perhaps stars in your heart but
comfort came and galaxies rend apart
without the whisper of a fart

it is not god who awaits you
it is not satan who aggravates you
you are all things that you despise
you are the living of your lies
you are three nickles from compromise


value is senseless

i can’t be your expectations
i can only be myself
reflections or intentions
a nickel in an empty can
value is senseless in the abyss of the heart

grey skies

white lies
black cries
shit flies
we dies

a little bitter

“a little bitter”

just a little bit angry
a little bit sad
just a little bit
little bit
crying inside

just a little bit ugly
a little bit destroyed
a little bit nothing
a little bit unemployed

a little bit in this body
a little bit dead and gone
a little bit right
a little bit wrong.


no one reads my poetry

so fucking what


inside this room my head explodes
thoughts are trapped and love implodes
it hurts, it hurts, i carry on

just another roadside carrion
negotiating with the reaper
he’s the one, she’s a keeper
we live, we die, we misrepresent
vultures circle in hungry descent
while our souls ascend in laughter
our bodies decay into matter
with fire that burns all decency
what shall be, shall be.
turning in on wicked thoughts
we toss in sleep, we sorrowful sots
drunken dreams in technicolor
broken, broken, song of lover
inside this room i cannot breath
inside this death i cannot leave
i drink and sing accolades
dearest wish, addiction fades

cry me a river

we are not bodies of water
we are not golems and guts
we are souls kissing matter
we are entwined with stars

we are more than our fathers
whom we enlisted to defend
we are no different from the angels
we just like to pretend

we sing in voices high and narrow
that speak of fear
we smell like tears

we are kindness and we are sorrow
we are the doom creating tomorrow
we are love and we are hate
we regret and we incubate

we are the forgiveness of mothers
we are the love we hate