the tower

Princess priestess in her tower
Prays each minute hour by hour
Which turn to years as she recounts
Tarnished knights on hobbled mounts
Troubadors with fancy plumes
Who pillage her sacred rooms
Waiting sadly for her one
As her tower is undone
Everything she held as true
False knights, false love, did undo
Betrayal did put her there
Buried her in blue blue air
Trapped by her own ideal
Perfect prince, so unreal
Promise to be free again
If, if and only when
A shabby love with honest eyes
Could spare deadly compromise
Waiting waiting such a while
She perished for lack of smile
A single rose, a broken fence
She died awaiting true romance
She will never find her other
Not one could discover
What she lived alone to give
Why she begged for reprieve
She built her tower for protection
Sticks and stones against rejection
Princess, priestess, sister, mother
She died awaiting one true lover.


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