Song for a Sunset

Song for a Sunset

No one asks to live in fear
Of the love they hold dear
Mother father lover son
Throwing stones, every one
Conditions, blame, recrimination
Self again fails expectation
Disappointment strikes again
Clenched in fists of unhappy men
Leaving bruises in their wake
There is no give, only take
Punches thrown at my reflection
Tears run dry no protection
Not one fib, no white lie
Love speaks truth and makes fear cry
Perfect love does not hesitate
No real no true is obfuscate
Perfect love gives away
A single kiss on a stormy day
Perfect love is here and gone
Perfect love cannot carry on
In a box of security
Forever heart rejects obscurity
Perhaps to spark and flame again
Love will dance with a different friend
Golden gleam on the horizon
Unuttered dream the lover spies on
Or perchance to sputter out
Quiet eyes and time apart
Laughter echoing to death
Singing on its final breath
Singing to an empty sea
Twas not for you, twas not for me
If and when we meet hence
In some feral happenstance
I beg of you, my plea sincere
With your rudder you will steer
By my spark in twilight sky
Wish me well good bye and bye.


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