man from mars, woman from venus

rough draft shitty poem:

one step forward in my heart
is two steps back for a new start
raindrops falling in my tea
sky who cries ‘never-be’
broke my heart and left it dry
punched my face and said ‘don’t cry’
‘all your fault’ was your refrain
as you choked away my pain
nothing left but these bruises
sick affection, all excuses
why you hit me, what you did
justifying as i bled
into a poem that could not save me
only sky can set me free
you never took the time to know
my hearts whisper, ‘as above, so below.’
broke my face and walked away
stabbed my back ‘are you ok?’
crows surround me in this place
remember? you are not this face
that mirrors infinite black reflections
psychopomp judging by petty rejections
one more time around the block
no i will not suck ‘daddy’s cock’
if you treated others right
you would not be in this plight
then again what can i do
the one ashamed is never you
you sing love songs to your penis
man from mars, woman from venus


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