Marvelou$ Mon$ters$

your nickles and dimes pray at Safeway
when shit gets real you walk away
you quote words of fat white men
book of revelations is only a sin
against women and children.

god decrees…what?
plants and animals make room for your fat butt?
air conditioned office, swimming pool
life of grid lock traffic, sub par school
sociopath or well-meant fool

once you upon a time you dreamed
once upon a time you schemed
upon perhaps stars in your heart but
comfort came and galaxies rend apart
without the whisper of a fart

it is not god who awaits you
it is not satan who aggravates you
you are all things that you despise
you are the living of your lies
you are three nickles from compromise


3 Comments on “Marvelou$ Mon$ters$”

  1. Gail says:

    Brilliant!! Please post it in TPR or can I?

  2. yes…gail. of course you can. i had to background check you hun. 🙂

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